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Financial Advisor

Robert Loeb and Company LLC works directly with the client as financial advisor and will assist in the development of a plan of divestiture or other strategic alternatives, such as acquisitions, recapitalizations or similar transaction.  Services that could be provided include:


  • Research and analyze potential acquisition candidates,
  • Assist with analysis, pricing, negotiation, and due diligence,
  • Assist with the integration of new company into existing company.

Sale of the Company:

Work with management in positioning the company to be sold for maximum value:

  • Assist in gathering of information and analysis to describe the business;
  • Prepare marketing materials to use in promoting the company;
  • Advise the company on structural and valuation issues;
  • Identify and screen potential investors or acquirers;
  • Assist on negotiation of the price, terms and structure of the transaction to maximize return to the shareholders;
  • Assist with negotiation of definitive agreement; and
  • Coordinate due diligence and other steps necessary to close the sale.


  • Develop and implement a strategy for recapitalization


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